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Inca Trail The Peruvian Food

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Quechuas Expeditions Peruvian Food on Our Treks

The Best Food

Quechuas Expeditions

Our service policy:

  • Identification of our client’s needs.
  • Continuous training of our human team.
  • Professionalism in the service and personalized service.
  • Creation of a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  • Improvement and continuous innovation of our facilities.
  • Quality in complementary services.
  • Respect for the environment.
Lima Cusco Special Inca Trail Package 9 Days (12)
Salkantay Challenge Trek 3 Days 2 Nights (6)
Luxury Inca Trail 4 Days (11)
Inca Trail 3 Days (New) KM 104 (3)


Pays sales taxes on 100% which is known as IGV.18% is paid of your trip price to the tax office. we are tour operators ( small and private groups specialists ) We pay high taxes because most of our clients are direct sales by the internet.

Quechuas Expeditions is a licensed Inca Trail tour operator

based in Cusco, the heart of the ancient Inca Empire; the centre and navel of the world. We offer a variety of treks and tour packages in Peru with exciting itineraries designed to appeal to most visitor’s budgets. Due to our many years of experience in the travel industry, we can offer unbeatable prices with no compromise on quality.

From 2006 to 2020

Quechuas Expeditions was very well recommended by many passengers who recognize the quality of our services and hard work and dedication of our trekking team. as well as Many Books and Forums

Our Best Travelers Experiences

Quechuas Expeditions is a Peruvian travel company based in Cusco with many years of experience and a vast knowledge of tourism in Peru especially in the South of Peru. We are specialized in hiking trips to machupicchu, mountain climbing, jungle trips and adventures tours in cusco, cultural tours biking tours . Our principal office is located in Cusco Peru.