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You’ll be surprised of the excellent high-energy meals served during the Inca Trail; this does not mean you should eat voraciously. Trekking at this altitude is very tricky and can affect your body in many ways, including your digestive system.

Most of the organized tours include the services of porters and a cook, just like luxury camping, with a cooking tent, dining tent, tea in the morning delivered to your tent doors, hot water to wash each afternoon, and delicious meals served three times per day and they definitely exceeded my expectations every day.
Sample menu on the Inca Trail

Day 1:
Breakfast: Fruit salad, bread, yogurt and hot drinks.
Snack: Banana, cookies and biscuits.
Lunch: Asparagus soup with bread, Spaghetti with a mushroom or tomato sauce with cheese and avocado.
Snack: Popcorn, crackers and hot drinks.
Dinner: Vegetable soup with bread, Fish roll with vegetables, rice, French fries and sauce, Porridge and hot drinks.

Day 2:
Breakfast: Toasted bread, pancakes, porridge and hot drinks.
Snack: Apples, cereal and biscuits
Lunch: Corn soup and garlic bread, Yucca (a type of potato) with mixed vegetables, chopped beef and fried rice
Snack: Fried wanton with or without banana, pop corn, biscuits, sweets and hot drinks
Dinner: Tomato soup with garlic bread, Fried chicken with noodles or pasta, peppers and mashed potato, Warm wine, chocolate pudding and hot drinks

Day 3:
Breakfast: Omelet, fried banana, toasted bread and chocolates
Snack: Oranges, chocolate and biscuits
Lunch: Noodle soup with garlic bread, Chicken burger, steak and onions, tortilla, and fried rice
Snack: Fried sweet potato, wanton stuffed with cheese, pop corn and hot drinks
Dinner: Vegetable soup and garlic bread, Lasagna, beans, fried beef with mixed vegetables and rice, Jelly with or without peaches

Day 4:
Breakfast: Cake, toasted bread and creamed beans
Snack: Fruit juice, sandwich and biscuits
NOTE: This is only a sample menu for your Inca Trail hike. Exact food selections subject to change


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